LLC and Annual Reports

F.A.S.T. can handle LLC business entity development regardless of how complicated or simple your business needs are. The staff is able to prepare and file many routine documents such as annual reports in a timely and cost-effective method.

HR Packages

 HR/Benefits and Personnel, Including Employee Screening  F.A.S.T., LLC can prepare and deliver benefits packages, administration and setting up time management programs. F.A.S.T. can also provide employee screening.

Business Accounting and Taxes

At F.A.S.T., LLC our team works with you to identify, develop and maintain record keeping and accounting systems that fit your business. From financial statements compilation to reporting to state and federal government agencies, the team at F.A.S.T. can get it done efficiently. After preparing reports, F.A.S.T. can use your statements to manage your business, resulting in an increase of your profitability.

Budget Planning

F.A.S.T. reviews past years expenses and creates a realistic budget for your business. Rent, equipment purchases, sales rep expenses, interest, taxes, entertainment, cost of goods sold are just a few of the hundreds of classifications to consider when budgeting. If you are like most small business owners, this time consuming process can be a challenge. Let F.A.S.T. create and adhere to your budget.


Purchasing policies, strategies and direction are three priorities when F.A.S.T. handles your business purchasing needs. The team pursues reliable vendors with the best overall value.

QuickBooks Consultation

Software installation, set-up and training are offered through F.A.S.T. Over 80% of QuickBooks users need consultation to effectively use the software resulting in optimal business forecasting and accounting.