Efficient filing system for all paperwork

HAVE AN ORGANIZED, USER-FRIENDLY FILING SYSTEM This is quite possibly the one thing in the lives of many small business owners that could be improved to efficiently save money and time. Establish, and use, an efficient filing system for all paperwork. Ensure that it makes sense for anyone looking for any receipt or document, and where necessary, keep it under lock and key. Make sure that only key personnel have access, and keep rarely used important documents such as passports, asset documentation and other sensitive material in a fire proof safe or safety deposit box. Establish a daily or weekly filing schedule to make sure this system is not neglected, and make sure both business and personal organization is maintained. Like many things in life, establishing a maintenance routine now can prevent huge problems later.
There’s an old joke that being organized is for people who are too lazy to spend time looking for things!
Cara Lee
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